Design: Apr,2008
Completion: Sept,2008
Type: commercial
Floor Area: 450 sqm
Location: Wuxi

Being inside Tony’s studio Wuxi feels like falling into an endless dream, the whole space is a combination of curves and streamlined surfaces without any edges. The irregular round hollows carved on the ceiling makes you think of the cross section of a cheese, they extent to the wall and melt into the shapes of drops. Mild and smooth lights spread out from the hollows, just like the aroma overflows a piece of cheese.
The space was originally just a rectangle space of 220 m2 in
a shopping mall, in order to turn it into an extraordinary one, the designer grabs inspirations from diverse sources, the theme in the final design might be from an sight of an outer space city in the film ‘star wars’, or the matrix which is container of human race, or the huge underworld built up by ants The three functional sections in the space are separated by the flowing interspaces in between, together with the smooth ground form an integrated space, or to say an amusement park. Being inside
this space makes you feel being embraced, dropped into the clouds, or even soaked in the cheese.

This space gives every customer a dream-like journey, and brings him/her to the reality when the hair-cut is over.